I am an industrial designer based in Los Angeles, working collaboratively with clients and partners across the US and internationally. There are two major themes to my recent work:

1. Independently, I lead client and personal projects from concept to production.

2. In collaboration with Neo-Metabolism, I provide 3D visualization services and strategic consultation to build compelling narratives for impact focused organizations.

Across my practice, I express my belief that objects, both physical and represented as imagery online, deepen the feeling a brand provides to its audience. In this summary of my work, I introduce how I design collections of objects to develop this feeling such that each becomes something larger than the sum its parts.
Proto Ashtray for Composite Material
with Composite Co.
A collection of cast aluminum vessels to establish a new homewares brand inspired by the aesthetic and cultural space of techno.
Sensory Stimulation Kit for client
with MF9
These toys originate from the Montessori School and are traditionally carved in wood. Here, they are molded in silicone with a rigid plastic core and given a softer, more teething-friendly form language.
A solar panel designed to be repairable and entirely recyclable, compared to contemporary panels which are shredded or simply thrown away at end of life.

NM partnered with Biosphere Solar to develop their communication strategy and investor pitch, where I contributed to the design and visualization of the v1 solar panel.

Biosphere Solar is currently pursuing seed investment.
Rave Fan for OLIGARCHY
with Eric L Chen
A utilitarian folding fan designed to renew the ambiance of the dance floor.
Application Avatars for GLIF
with Neo-Metabolism
A series of physical objects used to represent each web3 application GLIF operates for the cryptocurrency Filecoin.
‍with Neo-Metabolism
A modular smart ring for storing and verifying digital credentials and assets.
Club Purse for Sender Known
Personal Brand
2020 - Present
I make these bags for the ravers and DJs who move the dance floor.
Initially I sewed each bag myself, based off of patterns I built for proportion in 3D. Now, after being told nylon accessories could not be developed in the US, I work closely with factory partners to produce these purses in LA.
Interface Chair
Student Project
A chair inspired by traditional Chinese furniture and weaving crafts, designed with contemporary materials for contemporary experiences.

Designed and fabricated in Shanghai.